By: Amira Lawson 

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In an interview with Esquire, Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t afraid to voice his beliefs on Donald Trump’s position in office.

“This motherf**er is like ruining the planet and all kinds of other crazy sh**,” said Jackson. “And if you’re not saying anything, then you’re complicit. And I wouldn’t give a f** if I was a garbageman and I had a Twitter account; I’d tweet that sh** out.”


This isn’t Jackson’s first time not holding his tongue on a situation nor is it his first time voicing his opinion on Trump and the republican administrators. During his interview, he was asked whether he cared if he offended any fans with his comments. The Snakes On a Plane actor responded, “I know how many motherf***ers hate me. ‘I’m never going to see a Sam Jackson movie again.’ F*** I care? If you never went to another movie I did in my life, I’m not going to lose any money. I already cashed that check. F*** you. Burn up my videotapes. I don’t give a f***.” 

Samuel Jackson has been in the American film industry for over 40 years. He is best known for his roles in Marvel films, Shaft, Coach Carter, and A Time to Kill.