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50 Cent chimed in on the renewed Eminem-Nick Cannon beef on Tuesday and it’s no surprise who the notorious Instagram troll is siding with. Fif posted an Eminem version of the Colin Kaepernick Nike ad that reads “Believe in restoring the game, even if it means destroying all the players.”

“I don’t understand to save my life why someone would pick a fight with EM,” 50 wrote on IG. “Hey Nick, that shit was trash, I oughta kick you in yo ass when I see you punk!” 50 Cent came into the hip-hop game as a protégé of Eminem and has always praised his rapping ability and even went to war together when the 50 Cent, Ja Rule beef was fresh.

Nick Cannon responded with a photo of Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Django Unchained, alluding to the fact that 50 Cent is being obedient to his master (Eminem).

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Eminem renewed his beef with Nick Cannon after Em dissed Nick on a verse from Fat Joe’s album Family Ties prompting Nick Cannon to respond in his own diss track.


Nick and Em have been going back and forth on Twitter which likely prompted 50 to jump on social media and give his thoughts.