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Juice WRLD passed away earlier this week and the autopsy that was completed Monday is reportedly inconclusive. More tests are being done but we still don’t know for sure what was his cause of death.

Given his reputation, many people started speculating that his sudden passing was linked to drug abuse. Reports suggest that he accidentally overdosed on Percocet pills when trying to stash them from the Feds on a private flight from Los Angeles to Chicago.

His ex-girlfriend, Alexia Smith, did an interview with Daily Mail claiming that she witnessed him abusing drugs while they dated in 2018. She added that he struggled with mental health. Two photos from April 2018 are screenshots of articles about depression, with one headline reading: “How can you beat depression without having friends and family to support you? Is it possible?”


Smith provided the outlet with posts from his secret Instagram account where he spoke candidly about his depression. She claims she tried to help him get clean but he turned violent during his withdrawal, which led to their fall out. “It was both ways, but he definitely picked me off the ground slamming me into the wall and squeezing me so tight that I had bruises all over my arms.”

She admitted that she also became addicted to lean but after she quit she urged him to follow her footsteps. “Me and his mom were the only ones telling him to stop because everyone else was doing drugs too.” It wasn’t just lean and percs he was abusing. Smith said there was marijuana, Xanax, Ecstasy, morphine, and coke involved.

The late rapper’s ex-girlfriend detailed a time they were on a tour bus and someone gave him an Ecstasy pill that was strong enough for four people. “But I remember on the tour bus, we got into one of our biggest fights ever because he was drinking a bunch of lean like normal, but then someone gave him a Tesla pill which is one of the strongest Ecstasy pills ever. He said he was going to go to the bathroom and snort it. I freaked out. That’s strong enough for four people… I stopped him and told him no. I don’t know what the f**k would have happened. He probably would have taken it.”

Smith eventually walked away and claims Juice WRLD relapsed a week after their split. “Seven days away from me, he ended up in the hospital. When he was away from me for seven days, he ended up hospitalized from collapsing on stage. One year away from me, and he’s dead,” she told Daily Mail.

Alexia, 21, told the outlet that Juice would take three potent percs with lean daily. So she presumed his death was drug-related when she caught wind of the news.