For most of 2019, famed actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has been fighting several allegations of sexual abuse, but these problems have compounded, with seven more women claiming that Gooding sexually abused them.

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According to the New York Post, the 53 year old Boyz In The Hood actor has already been charged in three of the alleged incidents, which brings the total number of accusers to 22. Prosecutors are planning to use the additional cases in court to prove a pattern of abuse.

In one of the new charges, Gooding allegedly groped and kissed a woman by force while attending the Sundance Film Festival. Back in January 2009, he allegedly invited the same woman to another event, and then the two went to a concert, according to court documents presented by Manhattan prosecutors on Monday. When the woman told Gooding that she was about to depart, he “seemed agitated” and offered to escort her out. Then, in a back, secluded hallway, he “began to kiss her without consent” and when she shoved him away, noting Gooding was married, he “placed his hand on her buttocks,” the docs read.


A dozen women previously came out against Gooding about incidents that he hasn’t been charged in, including one who claimed he told her to “Sit on my face, pee in my mouth” in 2011 in a LA bar. “Defendant’s past behavior shows that he routinely approaches women while at bars or nightclubs with whom he has had limited or no prior interaction, and touches them inappropriately,” the prosecutors say in curt documents.

Gooding faces six counts of misdemeanor sexual abuse and forcible touching involving three of the accusers. Prosecutors are requesting that a judge allow the additional 19 accusers’ allegations to be considered at trial.

Gooding is scheduled to return to court January 22. will update this story as it develops.