Its been an eventful year so Google’s “search of the year” could’ve been anything that was trending since January. But Baby Yoda impressively took the top spot.

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This is also another victory for Disney+ which secured Google’s search of the year thanks to the popularity of The Mandalorian’s main character. Baby Yoda was also on the top Google search for “babies,” beating out Baby Shark, the royal baby, Cardi B and Offset’s baby, Kulture, and more.

Additionally, The Mandalorian itself won 5th place for the most searched TV shows on Google.


But the most impressive part about the top Google search of the entire year is that the streaming service was recently launched in November. Which means people Googled the character more than anything else that was Googled for the whole year.

Other top searches included the late Disney star Cameron Boyce, the late and great, Nipsey Hussle, Hurricane Dorian, Antonio Brown, among others.