Ever since the 2016 election, many have said that the man who “won” the seat of the presidency was corrupt- even going as far to assert that he has stolen the office. The problem… they have had no real evidence. That is until now, and now that they have something that Dems believe is strong enough to get him out of there… and they want him impeached.

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The president has gotten caught. Trump’s own team has revealed transcripts of a conversation between him and the president with the Ukraine about two things- Joe Biden’s son and financial aid to their war-stricken country.

Dems argue is that he was conspiring with a foreign country to interfere with an upcoming presidential election, hoping to get dirt on Joe Biden, a potential opponent. Hands crumbled from the cookie jar, the House is preparing to vote to stamp him with the official impeachment seal of embarrassing disapproval.


Will you be watching? CNN has it all going on now.

History is happening before our eyes. Check out how the Republicans are defending their guy, even throwing the fact that Joe’s son smoked crack (what is this Tyler Perry???), in efforts to add an amendment to this impeachment articles against Donald Trump.

Let’s bet that this happens before end of day.