Jagged Edge solidified themselves as some of the most prominent voices of the early 2000s. It’s safe to say that they will be apart of countless wedding soundtracks for years to come. But they got caught up in some controversy thanks to Matthew Knowles.

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Beyonce’s father claimed two men out of the group sexually harassed his daughter and Kelly Rowland while they were on tour, which prompted him to kick the men off the bus. “Now remember, the girls are minors,” Mathew said. “They’re 16-years-old the guys are 21, 22-years-old… I got a call from Kelly and Beyoncé—and I talk about this in the book in detail—saying that they were constantly being harassed by two other members of Jagged Edge. I couldn’t have that.”

Knowles didn’t name the culprits, however, two of the group members took to Instagram to accuse the pop group’s former manager of trying to sell his tell-all book.


The official Jagged Edge account shared a meme that read, “A lie don’t care who tell it.” Brian Casey posted the same meme with more insight in the caption: “One thing I have learned from my 20plus years in this business and it’s always something,” he wrote. “It’s actually funny how far people go to sell something 🤦🏽‍♂️lol but I give All Praises To The Most High At all times Shalawam love ones.”