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It’s safe to say we’re in the middle of a stream apocalypse right now. Apple TV+ recently launched and Netflix has been dominating the stream wars with their award-winning original content.

But Disney+ launched today and it’s definitely going to give all the streaming platforms a run for their money. Disney’s library is mind blowing because it contains Disney-owned content from Disney Animation to Pixar to Marvel to Lucasfilm to National Geographic, including old classic Disney movies and brand new original shows and movies. But it’s a family-friendly streaming platform, which means that it will be able to co-exist with Netflix and other streaming platforms (for now).

The Hollywood Reporter says that Disney is allocating big bucks to produce original content centered around some of their original Marvel shows.


On top of the wide selection, the Disney+ package comes with Hulu and ESPN all for $13 a month. People are already raving about being able to watch their favorite childhood TV shows at a click of a button.

Disney+’s launch was met with some technical difficulties. Thousands of users reported receiving error messages. But overall it was met with seemingly positive reviews.