By: Amira Lawson

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The YouTube platform has made a call to action against all racist, sexist, and hate speech videos. The video streaming website will take down any recordings that heave insults on race, sexual orientation, gender expression, and any form of hate speech from its site.

The Google-owned company even took it a step further to moderate what can be said in the content posted on the website. These moderations follow critiques from the public, that believe YouTube allows space for harassment and hate speech in its content posted by YouTubers.


Matt Halprin tells the public that the company has been reviewing its policies and guidelines for about two years now. Carlos Maza called out YouTube when he believed that the site allowed Steven Crowder to post videos that contained homophobic slurs about him. At the time, YouTube believed that the comments did not violate their policy. With the companies, remodified policy, the company confirms that Crowder’s comments in the video violate its new policies and will be removed.