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By: Amira Lawson

The 2019 nominations were recently announced. Viewers were in question when they realized the many films that weren’t shown any recognition in the lineup. Amongst one of those films to not be nominated were Queen and Slim. The film depicts a black couple in Ohio that goes from a first date following a swipe right on Tinder, to being on the run from killing a policeman in self-defense.

In a recent interview with Variety, Melisa Matsoukas explained how she felt behind her film not being nominated. “It’s extremely infuriating. And it just represents an archaic system that is full of people who don’t value us,” she stated. “We held three screenings for the HFPA and almost no members attended. For me, it’s reflective of their voting body. It’s not reflective of the society in which we live or the industry as it stands today. They don’t value the stories that represent all of us, and those stories are so often disregarded and discredited, as are their filmmakers.”

The film has grossed nearly $30 million at the box office, exceeding the expectations set for the movie. After hearing the accusations of Matsoukas, HFPA responded to her claims, denying that members didn’t watch the film. The representative also shares that all voters had been sent screeners and could have the film at home. “The HFPA maintains that ‘Queen & Slim’ was in the conversation amongst the membership,” the organization concluded.