By: Amira Lawson

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The Hip-Hop culture mourns the loss of graffiti artist and flyer designer, Phase 2, also known as Lonny Wood. Hip-Hop pioneer MC Debbie D was one of the many people that tweeted her condolences to the passing of her friend.

“In the 70s, he and Buddy Esquire were the ‘go to’ flyer makers. If you couldn’t get one, you got the other! Two of the best flyer makers to ever do it!!! Rest those hands, my brother!” Debbie D wrote on Twitter.


Phase 2 was one of the first graffiti artists to become popular in his community. He was a DJ, made flyers, and was a member of the B-Boy crew Electrified Movement. Phase 2 is also widely recognized for creating the “Bubble” letter style in writing.

As the spray painting society took off during the late 1970s, Wood engaged himself in spreading the developing hip-hop scene from the Bronx to Manhattan. Since the beginning of his career to now, Phase 2 has demonstrated his works in various presentations devoted to urban art and aerosol. He keeps on living in New York, NY. One of Hip-Hop’s very well-known record producers, Dante Ross also spoke out in regard to the passing of the legend.

“​If you ever wrote Graf or just enjoy the artform you are indebted to the man ​#Phase2​Rest In Paint  Phase2 a true legend and historian of the culture the man’s contributions are so important. Thank you for everything you gave us​#TrueLegend#TrueKing#Phase2​,” Ross said.

We send our condolences to the loved ones of Phase 2, may his work live forever on.