Trina made headlines earlier this week after she had to check a racist woman who lost her mind in a Florida Walmart.

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The woman allegedly called the rapper a “n****r b****” and all h*ll broke loose. Although initial reports suggested that the heated exchanged occurred after the women bumped into each other, Trina said it started because she was trying to console the woman who was allegedly crying.

“I didn’t bump into her in the store … this lady was way across in the kid’s section, just shopping with clothes, and she was just crying,” Trina said during an interview with TMZ. “And I just looked over and was like, ‘Oh, hi. Are you OK?’And she looked up like a demon—demonic, very evil, satanic witch. And she was like, ‘Get away from me, you n***er bitch.’”


She went on to say that she left the situation feeling confused but eventually made it to the register where she saw the woman again.

“As I got to the register, my friend said, ‘You owe my friend an apology.’ And that’s when she just looked around acting belligerent,” Trina explained. “I said, ‘Say it again. You called me a n***er, and I am a n***er—one that will whoop your ass.’”

The 305 rappers concluded the interview with a fair warning to anyone brave enough to hurl racial slurs at her again.