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They arrested the 13-year-old Harlemite within an hour of Tessa Majors murder.

According to police reports, while searching for someone to match the description of Majors’ alleged murderers, officers identified the middle schooler in a W. 119th St. apartment building. The child’s clothing matched what source’s claimed the murderer had on. The 13-year-old was arrested and charged with murder, robbery and weapons possession (he had a knife).

But according to ABC News, they quickly realized that they may have nabbed up the wrong person. Authorities have already released the kid who was picked up for questioning regarding the murder of an 18-year-old Barnard College student. However, during the questioning with the arresting officers… something happened that has Harlemites alarmed.

One… they got him based off his hood uniform, gear that many kids wear, late at night.


Secondly… he started naming folk when the cops came and gripped. Implicating his middle school friends. Admitting he was there and that something happened. But when a lawyer was with him during his interrogation, he didn’t make a statement and the detectives declined to charge him and believed that he was not the one that stabbed Majors.

It is definitely tragic what happened to the freshman. However, we want to make sure that justice is served. And one life is not exchange for another life- or multiple lives.

We want more information. We want to know what is going on because quicking this Morningside 1 could turn into the Central Park 5.