Words by Dylan Kemp

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On Saturday night, Tory Lanez took to Instagram to deliver a message to his record label. “Interscope Records… If y’all n***as don’t stop playing w/ me … I’ma expose what’s really going on in that fucking building!”

He commented on a post an hour later, saying “This is going to be fun tho… I promise”


One fan even told Tory to “Chill bro, I aint tryna see you killed”

Tory then reassured everybody that he wasn’t scared of Interscope coming after him, stating “That’s the difference… I don’t care. My integrity respect and the path of light that i can show the generation after me is more important than this life that n***as is so scared to lose.”

Its unclear what made Tory make these remarks, however, some fans believe its related to his latest album, Chixtape 5. Despite having commercial success, peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Top 200, Lanez claims that the album is losing him money.

“We actually didn’t do this from a monetary standpoint, we did this from a standpoint of like, I’m losing money doing the album but what is gonna come out of it? Of course it’s gonna be incredible,” he said during a Hot 97 interview. “I feel like it’s damn near at a place where it’s gonna be critically acclaimed because no one ever did it before.”

Chixtape 5 was undoubtedly an expensive project. It sampled some of the biggest hip hop songs and over 90 writing credits were given for the album.

Lanez manager, Sascha Guttfreund, addressed the financial situation in an interview with DJ Booth, stating that Interscope only paid for some of the sample clearances.

“Interscope contributed, but they didn’t cover all our costs,” Guttfreund said. “Tory is not afraid to invest in himself. I’ll tell you that.”