Meghan McCain has tapped on Whoopi Goldberg’s one last nerve.

Goodness gracious, Whoopi is somebody’s grandma and Meghan always feels like she can just talk to Sister Mary Catherine any ole’ kind a way.

Well, she can’t. And Whoopi reminded her that she is about that business. In a heated argument on The View, where McCain was doing way too much, Goldberg shut her down.

“Here’s what’s happening now,” Goldberg starts. But Meghan started chattering over here. Goldberg, who normally keeps her cool as the moderator, snapped.

“Girl, please stop talking. Please stop talking right now. Cause you know what?”

Meghan sucks her teeth (oh my goodness) and shrugs her shoulders like she wasn’t raised by a Black mother… oh wait… she wasn’t… and said, “No problem.”

And like the Black mother she is… Whoopi said, “Thank you.”

Indignantly Meghan remarks, “I won’t talk the rest of the show.”

And the O.G. quipped, “I’m o.k. with that. If you are going to behave like this…”

“I’m not behaving like anything…” She whines…

“You are. You are talking over people.” Then she hits her with the grown folk version of Lil’ Duval’s summer hit and went to the commercial.

Mediate gave context to the exchange on Twitter, “[A]fter a commercial break, the discussion resumed with Joy Behar saying the president and his allies refuse to go under oath to face questions on the Ukraine scandal. As Sunny Hostin remarked that this makes Trump’s impeachment different from Bill Clinton’s for perjury, McCain interjected to say ‘my job here is not to litigate the ethics of it. I’m an ABC political analyst along with being a View co-host, my job is to analyze the politics of it…'”

Check it out for yourself: