Aye Verb caught a lot of heat on social media about his recent URL battle against DNA in which fans believe the St. Louis born rapper got 3-0’d on Smack Vol. 5. Ave took the opportunity to confront Aye Verb for his poor performance and even told him he wants to be Verb’s next battle.

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“You won’t look in that camera and say ‘give me Ave next,'” the Norfolk battle rapper told Verb in a video posted by 15 Minutes of Fame. “That s–t was ass. I’m disappointed,” Ave told Verb about his battle against DNA.

Verb was mostly nonconfrontational brushing off the idea of battling Ave calling him trash. “This is not gonna get me in the ring,” Verb told a seemingly drunken Ave.


Although Verb seems dismissive and curious why Ave is taking the angle, Ave repeatedly notes that Verb was the one who initiated the idea of a battle in Atlanta. According to Ave, Aye Verb pulled up on him before Verb’s battle with Loaded Lux and told Ave that he was next.

This is not the first time that they went back and forth. Seems like Ave really wants that smoke. Is the Island God ducking?