Social media has been rallying for Rodney Reed who was sentenced to 21 years on death row for a murder that someone else confessed to. Kim Kardashian was one of the many people advocating for Georgia to reopen this man’s case who she believes is innocent.

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The reality star wasn’t only campaigning online, but she went to meet Reed face-to-face. Ironically she was with him when he learned his execution was suspended indefinitely.

“Today, I had the honor of meeting #RodneyReed in person and the privilege of sitting with him when he got the news that the highest court in Texas had issued a stay of execution and remanded the case back to the trial court for further consideration,” she wrote on Twitter.


“Words cannot describe the relief and hope that swept over the room in that moment,” she continued. “That hope had been building over the last few weeks around Rodney’s case. We have seen Democrats and Republicans come together. We have seen grassroots activists and lawmakers link arms.”

The Court of Criminal Appeals in Texas decided to pull the plug on the execution because there has been new evidence in the case, including witnesses who came forward in recent months.