The chicken sandwich is really good.

But is it good enough to take someone’s life? Apparently.

A D.C. man is alleged to have thought so, as he is now indicted by a grand jury over the stabbing death of Kevin Davis in November outside the Louisiana inspired franchise in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha N. Braveboy revealed that Ricoh McClaine, 30, is accused of common law murder and carrying a dangerous weapon with intent to injure, according to CNN.

The magic question is why did he stab him?

He stabbed him because Davis brodied himself in front of a gang of customers waiting in line for this crack-chicken. McClaine was not about to be punked and confronted homeboy. After 15 seconds of selling wolf-tickets he poked him. While not immediately arrested, police picked him up about a week after the alleged murder.

Police Chief Hank Stawinski cautioned people not to highlight the chicken as the catalyst of the fight. CNN also reports that The Chief said that blaming the death to a chicken sandwich “marginalizes the grief and belittles the consequences.”

However… if it walks like a duck…