Patrick Beverley was ejected towards the end of the LA Clippers’ 122-117 loss to the Houston Rockets on Thursday night, and nobody was happier about that outcome than Russell Westbrook.

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Beverley picked up a foul while playing defense late in the game. He was called for a technical foul after complaining about the personal foul call and was ejected because the tech was his second of the game. Westbrook then waved to Beverley after the ejection, and the Rockets guard was called for a tech too.

James Harden had to calm down Westbrook and tell him to be smarter and use his head since the outcome was still in question.


Westbrook celebrating Beverley’s ejection is not surprising considering the negative history between the two.

Beverley caused Westbrook a serious knee injury during the 2013 playoffs with a defensive play on him:

While neither player has crossed the line, it’s clear both don’t like each other and that’s not a bad thing for the league.