The last time that Eddie Murphy appeared on Saturday Night Live was in 1984. And as he reminded us… many Black folk have not watched since then. We are looking forward to old skits, but before then he brought the funny but bringing in a gang of friends.

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His opening monologue was amazing. It featured drop-ins from Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle.

So many jokes.


The first one from Murphy was about his 10 kids… and that didn’t include Kevin.

He followed it up with, “You know what they say… Money don’t crack!” But then he went to talk about the irony that he would be free… and Bill Cosby would be locked up. “Who is America’s Dad now?” He jests.

Each comedian who all have dropped through SNL in his shadow asked if Murphy considered the skit that he wrote… Of course, he did not.

Out of our fave funny line was from Morgan. After Chappelle cracks about half a Netflix budget being on the stage, and Morgan jumps in… “Not me… I made all my millions on the road.” Murphy asks, “You mean touring?” Morgan replies, “No… I got hit with a truck.”

Breaking up this Black Pack, was a white cast member… But Kenan Thompson jumps in like, “Oh no you don’t.” Standing there… he looks epic in this elite fraternity of funny men.

The show is starting off with a bang.

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