On one of the most anticipated Saturday Night Live episodes of the last 30 years (Eddie Murphy is the guest host), Lizzo steps on the stage as the musical guest. She tears it up and people are gagging at her full-length Gucci trench.

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Why is it a big deal? Lizzo always kills it.

Yeah… but…


Much of the time, Lizzo is half-dressed and over-sexualized. Over the last few weeks, she has been scrutinized by many in the media for wearing clothing that is just too risque.

It might be for some… but maybe not 50 Cent who nicknamed her “Big Sexy.”

But others are not as appreciative. During a recent basketball game, she showed up in a homemade fishnet, cut up T-shirt get up where her booty was exposed to the entire “Oh Say Can You See!!!!” lol.

However, in tonight’s episode, she is all the way covered up. Dressed or not, she is one of the hottest artists around.