By: Amira Lawson 

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Atlanta rapper Lil Baby iced out his entire team this Christmas. The Quality Control rapper has been on the low this year, by his standards, but fans have been waiting on his return since his latest project, Street Gossip.

Looks like Lil Baby was a great Santa Claus to his label. On Christmas Eve, he gifted members of his label with icy custom 4PF chains. 4PF means “4 Pockets Full” and comes from the term made by the rapper. Lil Baby has each chain customized with his friend’s name in Diamonds. 


Fans of Lil Baby await his album and mixtape expected to drop in the year 2020. The rapper posted the custom pieces on his Instagram with the caption, “Shoutout my label that’s me, Merry Christmas to the guys, This year we go up,” He says hinting to fans that new music is on the way. 

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