Christmas in the commissary is something that celebrity inmates are likely looking forward to. R. Kelly and Suge Knight can get a good holiday bite. Unfortunately for Bill Cosby, he does not have the luxury.

TMZ details R. Kelly’s spending limit at commissary will be $410, up $50 from the normal limit. Available to the “R in R&B” at MCC Chicago will be holiday cookies, pound cake, jalapeno cheese and chocolate bars, which is similar for President Trump’s formal personal attorney Michael Cohen at FCI Otisville in New York.

Across the country at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, Suge Knight can get chocolate caramel Santas and peppermint bark. An additional perk for Knight is the accessibility of Christmas Cards to send to family.

Fyre Festival fraudster Billy McFarland can munch on smoked oysters, chocolate covered pretzels, mint crème cookies, peanut log, hazelnut single serve creamer packs and white queso dip. Sounds better than what he gave festival-goers.

Lastly, Bill Cosby will have to settle for what he originally gets. Nothing special is being added to his commissary menu.

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