By: Amira Lawson 

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Tamat Braxton is one-fifth of the dynamic Braxton sisters. She may be known for some of her greatest projects, Love and War, Bluebird of Happiness, and her self entitled project, Tamar. When she is not involved in music, she still gets to the bag from being alongside her sisters or ex-husband in reality TV. Now, the singer is being talked about for her recent social media rant. She shared in a post how a man she dated told her that he had a dream that she begged for him back. 

“Dis 1 dude told me that he had a dream that we broke up and I was devastated & begging 4 him 2 take me back & he wouldn’t. He said he wanted 2 make sure that if that happens I would be mentally stable to handle it.” She began the tweet. “These dudes R seriously crazy! I promise he woke up too soon.” 


Following the now-deleted post, Tamar continues to encourage fans to know their worth when it comes to a man before they begin to think crazy like the guy she has experienced. “On my deathbed, my last breath will NEVER be….ooooh please take me back!! See, back then I didn’t let him know I knew my worth!!!! I probably had him thinking he means more to me than me meaning more to me and that’s MY fault!!” she wrote in an Instagram caption. “We treat people how to treat us. If you stand for bullshit that’s what you are going to get. If you demand respect you’ll be treated as such!! Some of y’all got these dudes heads swollen!! Take a stand and do right by you for once!” 

It’s safe to say Tamar came through with a word that let fans walk away with a tip on self-respect and knowing your worth!