No one can say that Too Short and the adult content that he has produced over the year has not walked the tightrope between sexually explicit and flat out porn. Often credited (alongside Uncle Luke) as one of the pioneers of rap music’s most misogynistic form of emceeing, it is no big shock that he would have been caught up in a rape case.

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That is exactly what has been shadowing the Oakland rapper for a good three years. According to TMZ, back in 2016, Teana Louis said that she was forced to go down on Short and engage in non-consensual sodomy. Louis further claimed that he made her have vaginal intercourse, setting off all kinds of bells throughout the industry (amidst the rapper’s 30th year anniversary).

The case went to trial in 2018 and was thrown out by an LA court for insufficient evidence to support the plaintiff’s case.


TMZ further reports that the case has officially been dropped. Louis has filed new documents asking to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice. By doing this, she gives up her right to sue him for this charge again.

Too Short, whose real name is Todd Anthony Shaw, has maintained his innocence all along, claiming that she was upset that he did not sign her and that the two had only messed around (never engaging in actual intercourse).

“The one thing you learn in today’s culture is that everything has to be handled very sensitively as far as the work environment,” The 53-year-old rapper has come to understand. “You have to keep everything above water and crystal clear.”

He goes even further, “Consent is starting to be a very fine line.”

“I’m pretty sure that these women are telling the ‘God’s honest truth,’ but there are a few that are probably out there trying to do the money grab.”

It was around this time that Short exclusively told The Source magazine’s publisher L. Londell McMillan, that as more mature man one of the biggest regrets of his career is introducing and promoting the word “b*tch” to the culture in a way that has normalized it to a generation- further promoting the exploitation of Black and Brown women.