By: Amira Lawson

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Looks like Tristan Wilds will be celebrating the New Year for other personal reasons. He’s counting down the days until he and his current girlfriend will be having their first child together. The Wire actor uploaded two photos to Instagram confirming the pregnancy rumors, sharing with fans that he is excited about him and his girlfriend’s bundle of joy on the way. One picture uploaded to his social media account was of the actor wearing a “Father to Be” ribbon and the other was a picture of him and his lady.

“Aight, serious moment… Earlier this year, I was in a really dark place,” he began the caption. “Sh*t, honestly? I’d been there for a while. I dunno,​ I was just letting life take me wherever she may.​ But I told God I needed a light. I needed a sign that I was supposed to be here, and that my presence here on earth was needed…Heard ju, God. Thank you for this. Merry Christmas.” Congrats to the two on their forthcoming arrival!