There’s no denying that sportswear has made its way into luxury fashion. Once reserved for fitness and athletes, it is now as the norm to see tracksuits and bodysuits on runways of major fashion weeks as it is to find them in a gym or at a track meet. Cidenna is all the proof we need that sportswear has fully infiltrated the world of luxury fashion. Recognized for high quality and unpredictable design patterns. Every design created by this power label seems to be a moment and an unforgettable experience.

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Designer Khalil Walthour, former photographer turned entrepreneur is revamping the sportswear industry. After working along side with music artist like Princeton Perez the designer proves that hard work has a way of paying itself off. Khalil has created something more than a brand, it’s a culture, a movement and an overall new wave. Khalil has crazy ambitions and a good roadmap on where he wants to take the brand. Along with their unique design aesthetic, we see Cidenna being a strong force in the streetwear and sportswear scene. Cidenna was founded in Atlanta Ga and since then it’s unique garments have been seen in the streets of Japan, Europe, United States, Canada and many other countries proving its worldwide success. The brand has made its way in the influencer world being seen on celebrities such as B. Simone, Malachaie, Princeton Perez, YouTube influencer Tray bills, YNH Primetime and many more positioning itself as one of the most sought-after brands in luxury sportswear. Instagram: Website: