By: Amira Lawson

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The unfriendly impacts of drinking “lean” are broadly known. The drink comprising of codeine can be usually seen amongst the rap community, appearing in songs that glorify the drug and mostly with a double cup in the hand of its user. It is referred to as the “Purple Drank” of the industry. Rapper Smokepurpp shares that he made the decision to quit lean and tells fans how things have changed for him.

“​Lifestyle wise, I just stopped sippin’ lean and sh*t like that, for real​. I probably did that sh*t all the way up until earlier this year,” he stated.


“That sh*t really f*cks up your stamina, really, everything. It makes you slower. It really messes up everything, for real,” he continued. The rapper shared that the drug began to make him gain weight which is the true reason that made him pull away from the substance. He then goes on to explain how the drug helped him with his creativity.

“I guess it’s cause like, I record a lot. I record every day, so it’s like, I felt like lean just helped my creativity just flow better. Sometimes when I just had writer’s block and sh*t like that. That was really mostly why I was sippin’ lean.”

Along with Smokepurpp, earlier in the year, rapper Trippie Redd also spoke out against using the substance. With losing some of HipHop’s favorites, to the drug, it is good to rappers speaking out against lean and not continuing to idolize its use.