Radio Personality Don Imus died in Texas on Friday. The 79-year-old shock jock’s cause of death has not been officially announced. Imus was hospitalized on Tuesday at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center.

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Imus became a radio legend with his controversial politically incorrect takes but in 2007 he was heavily criticized for racist remarks made about the Rutgers Women’s basketball team whom he dubbed “nappy-headed hoes.”

Imus was fired at the time of the incident but landed another opportunity with Fox Business Network in 2009. Imus apologized to the Rutgers team, but his apology went without forgiveness.


Prior to the 2007 controversy, the nationally syndicated radio host could be heard on CBS radio and on MSNBC giving his hot takes on everything from sports to social issues and politics. Imus has been compared to radio legend Howard Stern.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Imus was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. Imus also struggled with drug and alcohol addiction throughout his life.

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