The once close-to-being-closed lawsuit court case between Kanye West and EMI is back on as settlement talks between West and EMI fell apart. 

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Back in September, EMI told the court that they had struck an “agreement in principle” with West to settle the case. EMI had been battling Kanye in federal court over his publishing deal since earlier this year. The judge presiding over the case ruled that either party could reopen the case before December 27th and according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, a few days before the deadline, EMI’s lawyers wrote to the judge “unfortunately the parties have been unable to finalize the terms of the settlement agreement.” The judge presiding over the case then signed off on EMI’s request to reopen the case. 

EMI has handled Ye’s publishing since 2003, and it was not until January of this year when Kanye decided to file a lawsuit against EMI, claiming that it was trying to lock him into a lifetime of “servitude” and control his music. EMI then filed a countersuit in March, claiming that West was unable to break his contract because California’s “servitude” law doesn’t apply because New York laws govern the deal. 


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