There are two people you never want to go back and forth with in an argument: Philadelphia’s own Gillie da King and Newark’s hometown hero Tsu Surf. Yoooo…. this is basically battle cap at its finest. Yes, we meant battle cap over battle rap… we know what we are saying.

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Both got the best cap up game this side of the Atlantic. Both of them have a fanbase that seems to be ride or die and would definitely be a big-ticket draw. Both of them have ‘vernacular that is spectacular!’ People who know that battle rap competitions are never won strictly based on bars have to wonder, who would actually beat in a face-to-face battle contest.

Gillie da King believes that he would. Surf is not even sure that Gillie can rap anymore.


The two took to IG Live to voice their slick sh*t opinions of the other and sheer comedy ensued.

Gillie kicks it off.

[GTK] You said you don’t think that I can rap anymore.

[TS] I don’t even know if you can rap, bro…

[GTK] It’s like riding a bike man.

[TS] It’s not. It is a new year.

[GTK] For me it is. I don’t know for you n*ggas it might not be like riding a bike. But for me, my mouthpiece is unbelievable.

[TS] I know… you selling it. Every n*gga like you… (pointing in the camera)

[GTK] Let me tell you something. If SMACK… got the racks…

[TS] I just beat a Philly n*gga. Philly looks terrible.

Gillie shrivels up his face in what seems to be disgust.

[GTK] My n* gga… let me just tell you something.

[TS] Philly looks terrible and I love Philly…

[GTK] Let me just tell you something my n*gga… Let’s keep it all the way real. You ain’t really beat a Philly n*gga until you beat me… I AM PHILLY. I embody everything that a Philly n*gga is…

[TS] Respect.

[GTK] We the slickest talking n*ggas. We ‘a f*ck your b*tch. We talk that sh*t. We wear that sh*t. We got our own muthaf*ckin’ slang. And we the home of the spitters. Plus a n*gga Jada Kiss from New York (who is known New York legend… Top Five Dead or Alive)…

[TS] Legend…

[GTK] Said ‘If you give me eight Philly n*ggas, I’d go to war.’ He didn’t say New York n*ggas. He said Philly n*ggas.

[TS] I’m from Jersey so… that don’t matter. I’m the best to come from here ever. ME! I’m the best to come from here.

Gillie tells a story about meeting Reed Dollaz and then Surf explains to Gillie that he is not able to step into the battle rap industry and swim with the sharks.

[GTK] Cut SMACK out… I’ll pay you and I set it up.

[TS] Alright. We can do that in Philly. I will come to Philly. You couldn’t beat me in your living room.

[GTK] We could battle in your apartment in Harlem, I don’t give a f*ck.

[TS] I live in New Jersey.

[GTK] I don’t give a f*ck if we battle in Orange New Jersey. Hackensack…

[TS] I’m a phone call away. (Shoots him the peace sign)

[GTK] You will never beat me in a battle.

[TS] I don’t even know if you can rap.

[GTK] And I am not even a battle rapper, but the way I deliver my sh*t. N*gga… 3-0.

[TS] I am one of the best n*ggas to battle ever.

[GTK] No. You one of the best n*ggas talking to one of them n*ggas that never did sh*t… Ain’t never had no money… Running around with baggy jerseys on. All the n*ggas you battle got on fake jewelry.

[TS] That’s not true. Hitman Holla is on TV.

[GTK] Man… all the n*ggas you battle got fake jewelry, man.

[TS] This is a 60K (lifts up his iced out S medallion).

[GTK] All them n*ggas get up there with the bootleg Canal kit.

[TS] I can’t speak for everybody.

[GTK] So let me just tell you something. If you battling with fake jewelry, he lost already. He don’t even know who he is.

[TS] So what happens when you pull up and you sh*t real and my sh*t real? Now what we talking about?

[GTK] I’m gonna show you that you really are a bootleg version of a real n*gga!

Laughter ensues between the two and they end with Surf throwing up his middle finger and saying “F*ck you, bye.”

Imagine the real rap that would go on between the two of them if they battled. Do you think that Surf has what it takes to beat the King of Philly or would Gillie give the young boah that million dollaz worth of game?

We don’t know but someone needs to tell the Philly old head to put that bread up and let’s get this poppin’. We are mobbin’ to get that tick’ for sure.