By: Amira Lawson

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This Sunday marks a full year since Chicago rapper, Kanye West debuted his highly praised, Sunday Service. He decided to celebrate the anniversary of his program, by taking his gospel to Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

“A lot of times people say, ‘Thank you, Ye, for Sunday service.’ I say thank God, this thing saved my life. This thing was an alternative to Opioids. This thing was an alternative to pornography,” he said in his speech as the audience cheered.


In his speech, Kanye addressed the trouble of standing in opposition to what he’s generally energetic about when his words are taken out of context. He would even imply the contention encompassing T.I’s. disclosure of taking his daughter Deja Harris, to the gynecologist for a yearly check to ensure that she is as yet a virgin. “They tried to play T.I., but he’s talking about something that’s God-approved. It’s 30 states that still got the death penalty. Thou shalt not kill. But, we be cool with that,” he stated.

Kanye then went to speak on the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles, encouraging those in attendance to participate in finding a solution. “Today marks one year of Sunday Service. I definitely saw a strong compelling vision with the homeless, and I know that we can find a solution, a worldwide solution.” he began. “This is what we need to be talking about. These solutions,” the rapper continued.