Skip Bayless is one of the most popular and controversial sports analysts on TV. Appearing daily on Undisputed, Bayless is seen next to Shannon Sharpe and the two hit Hot Ones for a game called “Truth or Dab.”

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The game is played by telling the truth to the question asked by the host, Sean Evans, or taking a dab of extremely hot sauce on a piece of chicken. Showing he is not chicken, Bayless would share insight on a text exchange with his friend and frequent Undisputed guest, Lil Wayne.

“Two nights ago, he had returned from doing his first and only gig in Saudi Arabia, and it was over the Thanksgiving holiday,” Bayless said. “And we must’ve texted 20 times back and forth about what Saudi Arabia was really like.”


“He said this guy named Your Excellency had come to his hotel suite and promised to send him either a Ferrari or Lamborghini. And he said, ‘Which would you like, Wayne?’ and Wayne said, ‘I’ll take a Lambo.’ And the guy said, ‘The Lamborghini will be at your doorstep at Miami in three weeks.”

The second message from Wayne to Bayless was about the aforementioned Lambo, which Wayne promised to let Bayless use in a Happy Birthday message.

You can see the full episode below.