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The Breakfast Club has done it yet again! The morning show trio is in the headlines again for another one of their interviews following a daring question. Recently, The Breakfast Club had a sit down with music executive and entrepreneur, Don Pooh. Don is credited for bringing out one of Hip-Hops’s iconic female MC’s, Foxy Brown. During the sit down with the morning show, DJ Envy asked Don about the whereabouts of Foxy.

“Whatever happened with Foxy?” he began. “She had a great album and she had another album that came out and it just seemed like just, things just dwindled off.”


Don responded to Envy by saying, “She was doing her thing for a while. She actually put out three albums and then, you know, she’s a mom now. Shout out to her a Baby C. She just fell back a little bit. She had an issue with her hearing so she just kinda fell back. Hopefully, we’re gonna see or hear from her soon.” 

With The Breakfast Club, posting their videos to the Youtube platform, fans are able to see the visual interview between the trio and their guests. Foxy wasted no time in expressing her thoughts on Envy’s comments.

She shared a clip of the interview to her Instagram with the caption, “4 MULTI-PLATINUM ALBUMS F*CK BOY!!! PLAY NICE! GAVE YOU LIFE! She purposely LOW B*TCH! Got injured, bussed back, BIRTHED A GORGEOUS ASS BABY GIRL. C*cksucker 2020 the POP OFF!!!!! AGGY cuz we ain’t do Breakfast Club! D*CKRIDER, let KING B*TCH leave your mouth. Dem #BROOKLYNBOYZ outside! #LIL’DJCLUE.” 

Envy has yet to respond to the female rapper. However, it’s safe to say we know Foxy is not here for the discredit. 

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