Its been 18 years since Aaliyah’s untimely passing and her fans have been fighting ever since to keep her legacy alive by advocating for her discography to be available on streaming platforms.

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The singer’s debut album is the only one available on streaming platforms because it wasn’t released under her deal with her uncle, Barry Hankerson. Hankerson seemingly withheld baby girl’s music under his Blackground Records label for many years but it seems like he’s going to make some fans happy.

The Pop Hub reported that Hankerson teased that he’s releasing Aaliyah’s music to all streaming platforms in 2020. “We listened, this is not a drill in honor of the great legacy of #Aaliyah,” Hankerson tweeted, tagging major streaming brands such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and Amazon Prime.


Hankerson announced that the music will be available on the late singer’s 41st birthday, January 16th, 2020.

What a way to start the new decade.