Sometimes you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

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An Instagram account titled ReUp Gang Records gave Clipse fans hope that the duo will be joining forces again for the new decade.

A throwback photo of Pusha-T and his brother, No Malice, was uploaded to the IG account and the caption read: “NEW YEAR. NEW CLIPSE ALBUM. 2020 PYREX VISION.”


Fans began raving in the comments but Push quickly butted in shut that down. “Wishful thinking,” Push stated. “But see y’all at Something In The Water for sure.”

Pharrell is throwing his second annual Something in the Water festival at their hometown in Virginia so there’s a possibility that they may share a stage this year to perform some classics.

Clipse haven’t dropped an album since 2009’s Til The Casket Drops. The brothers briefly reunited for Kanye West’s Jesus is King album and performed at a Sunday Service, but this doesn’t mean they’ll be getting back together to do a full-blown project.

Pusha-T has expressed his interest in getting back in the studio with his brother, but No Malice has dedicated his life to Christianity and quit Hip Hop. “I came to him and I was like, ‘Man, I got these ideas,’” he told CNN of the moment the Clipse was no more. “‘I got these beats I want you to check out.’ He was like, ‘I’m not doing another Clipse album right now.’ Wow. Now that was hard. That was hard.”