Dame Dash loved Aaliyah and arguably, she was one of (if not the) great loves of his life. And you have to appreciate him appearing on Surviving R. Kelly 2 and doing what no one else has: KEEPING IT ALL THE WAY FUNKY!

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“Aaliyah and I were seeing each other when she passed. We were very serious. We talked about getting married. She was my best friend. She taught me how to love to the extent that I know how to love now.”

“She just said he was a ‘bad man,’ and left it at that. It just made her so uncomfortable and I could not know about it because it would have made me too uncomfortable not to try and rectify the situation. I just would not have been able to tolerate knowing certain things and being in the same room with certain people.”


“I had to get therapy over that.”

This is when Dash is clearly moved beyond his usual Harlem cool.

“If people would have protected Aaliyah, so many other girls wouldn’t got touch.”

“Aaliyah was like the sacrificial lamb. She didn’t deserve none of that. Good soul. Good girl. Wasn’t even so resentful. She was like ‘Let that man live but keep him the f*ck away from me.’ That’s how she wanted it. She was just happy to be away.”

“I know the whole story. I know the cover-up and all of that. How do you cover that up? It just makes the conversation less crazy: He married a child? That was a headline. That was a rumor. That was something talked about like it was normal.”

“It wasn’t like ill disgusting. He married a 13-year-old. Oh, you married Aaliyah? She’s 13!”

Then another voice interrupts and says “15.”

“Yeah but 15 is 13 man. I don’t have to be accurate because I don’t care. 15… 13… anything under 18 is disgusting.”

He kept it a buck and all the way actual factual.