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In the Hip-Hop community, the last thing you want to be labeled is a snitch, especially if you claim to be someone with street credibility. It’s no secret that The Diplomats’ Freekey Zekey had the notorious label hovering over his head since 2003.

The Harlem rapper was involved in a car accident that ended in gunfire, leaving him wounded and his friend, Eric Mangrum dead. Zekey was called in during the trial, and although he didn’t name drop anyone or point any fingers, he was still called a snitch for his courtroom conduct.

Zekey opened up about the traumatic night in a recent interview and flat out denied being a snitch. “There’s no reason for my name and snitch to be in the same sentence.”


“I’m looking for parking, and a n***a hit my truck,” he says. “My father told me that’s the move. They hit the truck, you get out to see what’s going on, they see the jewelry you got on you. When I got out, I was on the run. I was like fuck. I don’t want to get locked up! We go around the corner, and they just sitting there. I should have known.” He explains that he tried to exchange information without police involvement, but one of the men reached for Zekey’s gun. “I grabbed his motherfuckin hand, the n***a started letting off,” he recalls, complete with sound effects. “Once it jammed, I spun him around and put the n***a in a Full Nelson.”

At this point in the story, Freekey Zekey says everyone has their weapons drawn on some movie sh*t. “Now when these muthafuckers are trying to shoot me, I’m aiming this n***a at all the hammers.” Zeke got hit and he said the men were aiming for his head. Eventually the attackers left and he noticed his friend Mangrum on the ground. “There was blood all over the place, and I was like damn I feel cold too,” says Zekey. “He said ‘Zeke, I’m cold, I’m cold.” I said ‘damn, don’t worry about that, you gon’ be alright.’ But now I’m getting cold.”

Check out the full interview above.