By: Amira Lawson

“People feel like I’m young, so they think they can get over on me”

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NBA YoungBoy’s ex-girlfriend, and mother to his child, Jania Meshell shares with DJ Smallz Eyes how she almost died. The interview clip began with DJ Smallz Eyes asking the Instagram model her thoughts on plastic surgery. “I feel like if you don’t like something on your body, fix it,” she responded. As the conversation deepened, Jania opened up and shared that her experience with cosmetic surgery almost cost her, her life. She detailed the nightmare as the “worst experience ever, I hate them, I almost died.”

“I got a blood clot, and they were like, you know… If I didn’t get it fixed, It could cause more problems. They had the whole implant upside down, so I felt it in my armpit and couldn’t really lift this arm, it was just the worst experience. When I went back to get it fixed it was still messed up,” she says. Jania refers to herself as an open book with her life and told DJ Smallz Eyes that she doesn’t mind sharing personal details with her fans. “I mean I got it done. There’s no hiding it, so I might as well talk about it. I’m really not private with my life, and that’s probably one of the problems with me. I tell anybody everything, that’s really one of the problems that I have.


When Dj Smallz Eyes asked her if she would be going to get it fixed, Jania said that when she builds up the courage she will go back to get the mistake fixed but also let him know that she feels she gets taken advantage of because she is young. “People think that I’m young and I don’t really know, so they feel like they can get over on me, and that was one of the times.”