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Profanity is so commonly used in Hip-Hop we sometimes don’t even notice when it’s used. Or we may not notice when it’s not used. Method Man did an interview with Ambrosia for Heads, where he revealed that he didn’t curse on a song since 2010’s “Wu-Massacre.”

The veteran rapper said, “That’s how I write ’em now.” Meth said explaining his choices, “I just wanted to separate myself from the pack, for one. For two, I challenged myself to see if I could do it. I was writin’ for somebody, and they didn’t want curse words in the record. So I was sayin’, ‘You know what? Let’s see if I can write something hard without putting curse words in it, and don’t tell nobody and see if they notice.'”

Rakim cited his parents as motivation for keeping it clean. He said, “in the beginning, I would go home [and] make a tape, and [my parents] would probably be the first ones to hear it. I found myself trying to please them… ‘I wonder what my moms or my pops gonna say when they hear this.”

Check out Method Man’s discography after 2010 and take a look for yourself.