Presidential candidate Tom Steyer released a new digital ad narrated by Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist MC Lyte. The video was filmed on the campus of Allen University and featured unscripted commentary by the hip-hop pioneer, Allen University students, and African-American women during the Dec. 10 Ladies First Town Hall hosted by the South Carolina Black Women’s Caucus,  Black Women 2020, and the Steyer campaign.

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Steyer’s ad affirms the candidate’s commitment to addressing the social and economic issues that impact African-Americans across the country, as well as captures real moments with voters on the campaign trail. It also features endorser Bianca Chardei, an America’s Next Top Model alumna, and media personality Shamara Afia.

As the founder of the national initiative #EducateOurMen, MC Lyte has been recognized for her public advocacy of HBCU sustainability and education. She questioned Steyer about his plans to expand educational and economic opportunities for black women and men, “This is important for us — yes, as a community, too — yes, have our young women and young girls supported, but it goes without saying that we need our other half. We need our men to feel strong.”


MC Lyte told Steyer, “Thank you very much for being here today, I felt your humanity and your heart, thank you.”

The ad release follows Steyer’s recent trip to South Carolina, where he unveiled a $125 billion plan to address the educational disparities in the African American community through different initiatives to bolster Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Since that policy launch and a solid December debate performance, Steyer has announced winning the endorsements of Rep. Leola Robinson-Simpson and the Mayor of Sellers, South Carolina, Barbara Hopkins.