Lori Loughlin is looking to bring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell’s comedy, Get Hard, to life. With a potential prison sentence looming for her role in the college admissions scandal, the actress has hired an expert to survive behind bars.

“She has someone who is advising her what to do in case she loses her case and goes to prison,” a source said to People. “The advisor is there to help her learn the ropes. That’s not to be construed that she thinks she’s going to lose her case. Lori is a planner, and she is doing what she needs to do for all contingencies.”

The efforts of Loughlin and the reason to hire an “expert” is to make sure she has a low profile and doesn’t break any rules.

“The whole point is to have someone tell her how to keep herself safe. She needs to keep a low profile if she’s incarcerated,” the report added. “Obviously, she’s going to stand out, because of all the publicity and because she’s a star. She can’t do anything about that. But she doesn’t want to stand out because she’s so green that she does the wrong things.

“Table manners are different; social interactions are different. Here on the outside, eye contact is a good thing. You meet someone and you shake their hands and stare them in the eyes. In prison, you might not do that.”

Radar Online reports that’s not the only help she is getting in preparation for possible prison time. Loughlin is also said to be studying martial arts in case she needs to protect herself.