Most of you are too young to remember when Billie Jean King battled Bobby Riggs in the epic “Battle of The Sexes” tennis match in 1973. In this historic contest, King beat Riggs in a brutal 6–4, 6–3, 6–3 victory. He was so devastated that he wanted a rematch. King never gave him that satisfaction. He actually admitted that he was embarrassingly ill-prepared to battle her… he underestimated her because she was a girl.

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That’s it.

So often men underestimate women when they are put head-to-head in competition. That kinda is what Roxanne Shanté had to deal with when she slayed everyone from QB to Kings County. It is definitely what comes to mind with this card, Royalty.


Queen of The Ring and the Ultimate Rap League have partnered for the first time to bring forth some of the top ladies in battle rap to battle against the top men in the culture.

Starting off the card is Deisel vs. Chetta ad Ms. Murk vs. Casey Jay. The first two single-sex battles at the event will prove to be entertaining. Deisel has a history of slick-talking while Chetta on the flip will take that slick-talk and raise it with a bar or two. This will be sure to war. Another war might be Ms. Murk and Casey Jay who have proven themselves titans in the ring. Murk’s disrespect can get to such a high level that you might turn purple with blush from how easily it falls from her lips. But Casey is ain’t the one for it. Don’t let her pretty face fool you, she can hold her own. That Texas spitfire may be up to the challenge to rock with old girl, Murk.

The next battle on the card will be a two on two with Brooklyn’s Murda Ave. (Cortez and Ms. Fit) vs. The Mafia (Geechi Gotti and Coffee Brown). It will be interesting to see how these two mixed-gendered teams will pan out. Closer than siblings, we can’t wait to see how Ms. Fit and Cortez, Brooklyn Finest, will fair against the West Coast King and Queen, Gotti and Brown.

Who remembers when Tori Doe was the young kid in QOTR that put fear in the hearts of those femcees looking to grab the crown off her Harlem head? This would be the best pairing because Chess now is who Tori was back then. Chess has made a name for himself (with a 2019 unmerciful killing spree), it seems like this might be an easy win for him. But… remember Billie Jean King. Tori, with her unorthodox cadence and illmatic phathom-ization of a mind, could equally match or outdo the CakyLyfe king. Not easily… Chess is a beast… but maybe. This has the potential to be the battle of the night.

O’fficial is battling Rum Nitty. Just let that resonate. One half of the Bardashians and also one of the most vicious rappers in the culture will go up against The Source’s 2017 Unsigned Hype from Arizona, Rum Nitty. This is going to be a barfest and with a slight edge to O with her performance. Wait… let’s backtrack… Nitty has been upping his performance over the last few years… This also has the potential to be the battle of the night.

Rounding off the card might be the 40 B.A.R.R.S. vs. Ms. Hustle battle (hope the rumors are not true).

What can be said? 40 can arguably claim to be the Queen of Queen of the Ring (Team 40 says it all the time). Hustle, in her own right, can claim a title as the First Lady of URL. Hustle will be her aggressive self, with angles for days. 40 will be intricately weaving her bars like a professor. The streets vs. the scholar… This will be such a cat-fight. We will see who wins.

This card is a great way to start the year. A wonderful look for QOTR and a progressive look for its brother league, URL. Royalty will happen next week, Jan. 11, 2020 at The Top in Richmond, VA. If you can get on it, be sure to catch the PPV on

But wait… not so fast… Royalty has a second day on the card and it is just as fire as the first day.