Hunny Kapow is an Ohio-based, Rap/R&B artist whose music vividly captures the gritty and urban chaos in her hometown of East Cleveland. Raised in a single parent home, her environment and struggles play a major part in the story she tells through her music. Influenced by the likes of Aaliyah and Missy Elliott, Hunny cultivated a sharp ear for infectious hooks, which is where a good portion of her songwriting begins. She creates her sound off raw and unfiltered emotion.

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To start off the new year, Hunny premieres her new single titled “Ultraviolet.” The track opens up with an atmospheric and oblique piano line, that meanders between eyes-down vibes and deep contemplation. Tough trap beats and a juggernaut of a baseline rumble alongside Hunny Kapow’s laid-back vocals that push and pull with the groove. The contrast between the cinematic instrumentation, pounding modern grooves and blasé vocals create sublime waves of tension and release. The diverse production is what makes “Ultraviolet” truly stand out among the riff-raff and radio fodder.

The single was distributed under Hunny’s own label, GGE (Goal Getters Entertainment), which she founded last year. Stream below and across all major DSPs.