Thank God for 50 Cent!

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Yes, praise The Lawd for the Queens rapper for providing us with a new episode of Power to watch (or talk about) because The Golden Globes was definitely not checking for Black folk.

Outside of the Wonder bread production, we at least thought that some of the best programming on TV, streaming services and Film would nab one or two of the coveted awards. We had hoped but had happened was…


They dubbed us.

Everyone knows that Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us and Stefon Bristol’s See You Yesterday should have been nominated as those two films cracked open so many conversations about police violence on young Black and Brown children. But nah… they dubbed us. #GoldenGlobesSoWhite

And then those couple of a few that were nominated were all passed over… COMPLETELY!

Like even Beyoncé and we know good and well white folk love themselves some Beyoncé. Wait… run it back… Beyoncé nominated for Best Original Song for The Lion King‘s “Spirit” lost to Elton John’s biopic Rocketman‘s “I’m Gonna Love Me Again.” Well, this is something we get. Elton John is an OG and has been snubbed a lot in the past. So yeah, give him that moment…

King Bey probably believed she wasn’t gonna win but had to show face since she came in mad late to the ceremony. Even still, she was noticeably missing and noticeably appeared because… #GoldenGlobesSoWhite.

Who also was snubbed was Cynthia Erivo would also was nominated in the category for her powerful song “Stand Up” from the Harriet movie. But they dubbed her twice, as she was nominated for Best Actress- Drama for her leading role as the historic Amerian hero. She lost to Renee Zellweger for her role as Judy Garland in the movie Judy.

Chile… you mean to tell us that Harriet Tubman could not get a trophy? She was a Civil War hero and she was about to be on the $20 dollar bill? She is like the only Black person (well her and Martin Luther King, Jr.) that every since Social Studies textbook mentions in their one paragraph about slavery required that we know every school in America including the Mormons have to read in February at least one week (preferably not the one where Valentine’s Day or President’s Day falls). Not even Harriet? But you gave it to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? Dorothy didn’t even respect her Aunt Em and ran away with her dog! She mad sus anyway… I don’t even think Dorothy was real.

Just joking… We know she is wasn’t real… at least not as real Dolemite!

But even Dolemite got played at Sunday’s #GoldenGlobesSoWhite.

We all know that Rudy Ray Moore’s hood classic character might not have been mainstream enough for white America, but the story and the passion communicated by the legendary comedian Eddie Murphy was a performance worthy of honor. In Dolemite Is My Name, nominated for Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy, he opened the audience up to the side of funny men that may not laughable.

He lost to Aaron Egerton for his portrayal of Elton John in Rocketman.

The only other Black person nominated for a big award was Billy Porter. He was up for Best Actor in a TV Series- Drama for her role as POSE. He lost to Brian Cox from Succession. Boy bye! #GoldenGlobesSoWhite

We hope this is not a precursor to the Oscars!