Does he really wanna mess with Black Dynamite?

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UFC fighter Michael Perry had some words for Blood And Bone actor Michael Jai White following an interview he did with VladTV and some comments he gave about the late UFC great Kimbo Slice.

During the interview, Michael Jai White talked about teaching Kimbo how to properly execute an on-screen fight and being hurt by his untimely death in 2016 at age 42.


Perry’s response appeared to be seeking nothing more than White’s acceptance of a challenge from the seasoned martial artist and esteemed actor.


The 52-year-old actor responded to Perry’s threats with class, just letting him know that it’s not that hard to catch a fade from Mr. Black Dynamite himself.

From the replies from everyone in the fighting world including Dana White, this really might end up being a thing. It just doesn’t look like Perry did his homework on White before he jumped out the window.