After celebrating his 50th revolution around the sun, Wu-Tang Clan swordsman Raekwon The Chef announced his latest release titled The Appetition.

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For those who would like to know the definition of an “appetition”:


 (ˌæpəˈtɪʃən)n a desire or craving directed towards a specific object, goal, or purpose


The EP is a joint effort with Red Bull that was created at the Red Bull Music Studios in New York. Coming with the release is a documentary that examines the creation of the project featuring Raekwon and the contributing songwriters, K-So Jaynes and P. Wright, along with producers lord Quest and Twhy Exclusive.

“I love to challenge myself with all different types of music,” Raekwon said, speaking on the project and working with his collaborators from Red Bull Songs. “That’s why they call me The Chef, I put my season on things I
feel and I can make taste good.”

After selling millions of records with the legendary Clan, fans and critics alike are wondering what The Chef himself could be craving. This Extended Play release will be just enough to show these crabs that 50-year-olds can still spit darts.

According to confirmed reports, the EP will drop on January 17, 2020.