Love & Hip-Hop Miami Season 3 premiered last night. As you can expect, the successful-drama filled franchise is back with new storylines and cast members to keep the audience tuned in. Dominican artist and actress, Amara La Negra are one of the starts of LHH Miami.

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While the audience gets a glimpse of her life as an artist, we also explore her new relationship with R&B and Bachata singer, Emjay. Emjay is also the brother of LHH Miami co-star, Shay Johnson.

Last night’s premiere possibly foreshadowed Amara and Shay’s relationship throughout the season. In the beginning, everything is copacetic. The two have grown close since Emjay and Amara’s relationship. At the end of the episode, things take a turn.


Shay is lecturing her brother to stay out of anything involving her and Amara. Animosity ignites once Shay expresses her dislike towards Jojo Zarur, who befriended Amara. Also, if she sees that Amara and Jojo getting reacquainted, there will be an issue.

Despite their lack of communication since the end of last season, Amara and Jojo were no longer considered each other friends but were open to talking. Jojo received an invitation to Amara’s single release party with the intent to apologize. Once Shay sees this, she is not happy at all.

Throughout the season, the maintenance of their relationship may be tested more than once. We’ll see if it affects her current relationship with Emjay as the season progresses.

In addition to the series, you can catch La Negra in the new Netflix comedy, “Fall Girls,” directed by Chris Stokes. The 29-year-old artist recently launched her docu-series, “Amara Forever.” You can watch on Facebook and Youtube as well.

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