It looks like Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz are calling it quits. The Love & Hip-Hop lovebirds went through hell and high water to defend their relationship on this past season of LHH: Los Angeles. Now, it is perceived that they may throw in the towel.

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Recently, Apryl and Fizz unfollowed each other on Instagram. In this day and age, that is a clear sign of friction, especially in a romantic relationship. An unfollow signifies a little more than a red flag or a smoke signal for trouble in paradise. Instead, it is a clear sign that paradise island may no longer exist. Despite the alleged break-up, Apryl seems unbothered by the rumors. Earlier, the mother of two took to Instagram to remind everyone that she is in good spirits. In the post, she even broke out in a slight dance to Tory Lanez’ “Jerry Sprunger.”

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As far as Air Fizzo, he has yet to break his silence about the alleged break-up. His last post was a Fashionova ad, similar to Apryl’s post prior to today.


For those who have not followed this mini-drama series, Lil Fizz and Omarion are former bandmates of the quarter, B2K since the early 2000s. Omarion and Apryl were in a previous relationship and have 2 children together. Earlier this year, Apryl and Fizz were pictured in the same bed. Fizzo’s actions completely violated the code and showed his lack of respect and concern for his former bandmate, Omarion.

B2K was scheduled to embark on a consecutive Millennium Tour this year following last year’s success. On November 26, Lil Fizz’s birthday, Omarion announced that he and Bow would replace B2K as headliners on The Millennium Tour 2020.

Although Fizz did not comment on the situation, one can imagine his baffled expression after Omarion’s news.