By: Amira Lawson

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In the midst of Kanye’s newfound faith in his religion, fans have gotten to see another side of the rapper musically with the introduction to his Sunday Service. Since the choir is enjoyed by many across the world, West seems to want to bring his shows worldwide, now including touring Africa and Europe.

Sources close to Kanye reveal that the rapper is no longer interested in touring with the choir to his traditional tour locations. With Sunday Service being on a weekly basis, when the worldwide tour comes into effect, Kanye plans to space out his touring dates more than usual. West also plans to team up with Joel Osteen, later this year to play at the Yankee Stadium in May, as part of Osteen’s Night of Hope tour.


Reports allow revealing that the Chicago rapper is planning to follow up his first Christian album, Jesus Is Born with another album featuring the Sunday Service choir. It’s looking like it is unlikely for Kanye to return to producing secular music, as the rapper really seems to enjoy his new lifestyle in the music industry.